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Tumu Hub Term One Newsletter.     

Dear Parents/Caregivers.

Welcome back to school! We hope that you have had a restful and fun time during the break. We have been enjoying seeing the children again and catching up with all of their news.

Introducing the Team

The Tumu hub has four homebase teachers. The number beside their name represents how we attribute the group to the teacher, not the physical space within the hub: Miss Kate Parker (5/6 1), Mrs Kath Roach(5/6 2), Miss Melissa Dungey (5/6 3) and Miss Makaila Powick (5/6 4).
Ms. Maire Bowler (DP) is the Team Leader. Kate Parker is new to our team this year and Makaila Powick is new to our school. We warmly welcome them to the Tumu team.

Your child’s home base teacher is your first point of contact, should you have any concerns or queries. As the Tumu hub is fully collaborative, all teachers will have input into your child’s learning. Should you wish to speak with a teacher about your child’s learning, feel free to ask to meet with all of teachers concerned, or if it is easier, just with the home base teacher who can follow up on anything.


You can contact the teachers or Maire at the email addresses below or by ringing the school if you would like to speak with one of us. You can also speak briefly with a teacher before or after school to arrange a time to speak further in a less public setting. If we have any concerns we will communicate with you individually by email or phone. We will communicate with you for collective information via email and/or class blog. The class blog has been set up so that you can get an email when there is a new communication. On the right hand side of the blog, enter your email into “follow by email”. All forms to be filled out will be digital. School newsletters can be found on the school website: We also share news and communicate events through our St.Francis Of Assisi Catholic School Facebook page.

School Uniform:

All children are expected to be in full school uniform. The children have Fitness and / or Physical Education daily and are expected to change into P.E gear for this. This term sport is on Fridays. The children may come to school in PE gear on Fridays.

Drink bottles:

Please ensure that your child has water only in his / her drink bottle. The school provides a drink bottle for each child as one of our calming and coping strategies. ( Other strategies include playing before eating and the carb break at 9:20) These bottles are to stay at school and will be cleaned here. The children are encouraged to drink one bottle full before lunch and one bottle before home time.


The children are expected to bring home reading material every day, Monday - Thursday. The reading material in most cases will have been worked on with your child’s teacher that day. Otherwise, your child will bring home a book that has been read with the teacher already, or is slightly below your child’s instructional level. This is for reading mileage and fluency, still very important at this age. Please continue to expect your child to read for 15 minutes every day. It is no longer necessary for you to sign a reading log, but your child will be keeping a google doc record of his/her reading. The children will be sharing what they have read during the week in groups, on Fridays. You will be able to access your child’s google doc reading log. Other homework may include special assignments related to the work done at school or in some cases work to complete at home. if this is the case, you will be informed via email or the hub blog.

1:1 Devices:

This week the children will begin to use their chromebooks at school. One advantage is that this will make it very easy for you to see what your child is doing at school. Make sure that your child tells you their password so that you can see their work. We use a management system called Hapara, which means that at any time we can see what any child is working on. If your child does not have their own Chromebook, there will be some made available to use at school. The children will be expected to arrive with their chromebooks charged each day. Year Five parents and students will need to complete the consent and cyber safety forms before the children can use them at school. These forms will be emailed to you next week.

Term One Themes:

The RE focus this term is Social Justice and then Lent. Each Monday the hub will be unpacking the Gospel from the Sunday Mass.

The Project for Project based learning is “ How can I use my Hands, Heart and Head to create a healthier me?” In the first few weeks we are working on the skills of collaboration and communication before beginning our PBL project.

Meet the teacher:

There will be two sessions on Monday 12 February (Week 3), one will be at 3:30 and the other at 6:00pm. This will be an opportunity for you to meet your child’s teachers and hear about the school programme. This is not the time to discuss individual children, but feel free to arrange a time to do so, at this meeting. Please come

Many thanks and welcome back!

Tumu Hub

Maire, Melissa, Kath, Kate and Makaila.

Feel free to contact us at:,,,

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