Friday, 21 July 2017

Term Three

Hello everyone,
We hope you have had a lovely break, and we look forward to seeing all our Tumu children back on Monday. We have an exciting term planned.

Please ensure that your child is ready to start the term with all the right equipment. This term we are starting Maths with Measurement so all students need a named ruler. They also need a named pencils, rubber, glue stick and blue and red pens.
This term we begin the using Eat Play Learn Timetable. This link has more  information on this for you to read.

Reading at home.

The children are still expected to bring home reading material every day, Monday to ­Thursday. The reading material in most cases will have been worked on with your child’s teacher that day. Otherwise, your child will bring home a book that has been read with the teacher already or is slightly below your child’s instructional level. This is for reading mileage and fluency, both of which are still very important at this age. Please ensure that your child completes their reading log each night. Everything that your child reads should be on this log, even if it is a book from home. Your child should note the pages or chapters read, on the log.  

Life Education
In Week 6 we have the Life Education Bus coming to school. The Tumu Hub sessions will be based on:

What does it take to be part of a team? including Equity vs Equality, Leadership and Team work. How does my contribution matter? This relates to our PBL for Term 3 which will be done in small groups. More information will be given closer to the time.

This term we would like the students to bring their sports gear each day. As usual they can wear their Winter Sports gear to school on Thursdays.

PBL Focus for Term Three
Driving Question:How could we best design a new school hall for the future?

We will start the term with a focus on Team Building Skills and then move on to researching the way buildings are designed. Later in the term, teams will present their design of a school hall of the future to the school community. We really loved having whanau share their knowledge and expertise last term by talking to the hub. If there are any experts in building design or related areas among our families, we would love to hear from you.

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