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Welcome back to Term Two.

Tumu Hub Term Two Newsletter

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Welcome back to Term 2. We hope that you enjoyed the break from school routines and that you and your children are ready and refreshed for the new school term.

What’s on this term?

We have many exciting plans for the coming term including celebrations, guest speakers and a trip. We really look forward to the learning opportunities Tumu children will be involved in, and to sharing these with whānau too.

● The cross country takes place on Tuesday May 9th, which is week two; we will be training each day of week one so please make sure children have their sports gear each day.

● In week one we will be asking the children to bring in a family taonga or treasure to school to share as part of our work around cultural heritage. We would love if it you would talk to your children about this, share some family stories and help them to choose their taonga and understand its significance.

● We will having a cultural celebration on the Friday of week three, which will include a shared lunch .

● We have a “Flip Out” trip to the Art Gallery scheduled for early June, where the children will be able to create their own house; tying together their understandings of family and culture.
● We are privileged to be having Ben Atkinson from Fill Their Lunchbox visit our hub later in May. This links in with our learning around nutrition and taking care of ourselves.

We will be sending out more details about these happenings each week so keep an eye out on our Hub blog.

Communication Reminders:

You can contact the teachers or Maire at the email addresses below or by ringing the school if you would like to speak with one us. You can also speak briefly with a teacher before or after school and a time can be arranged to speak further in a less public setting.

We will communicate with you individually by email or phone. We will communicate with you for collective information via email and/or class blog.

Our commitment this year is to communicate digitally. The class blog has been set up so that you can get an email when there is a new communication. On the right hand side of the blog, enter your email into “follow by email”. If you prefer to access the blog using your phone, you can follow by email by clicking on the ‘view as website’ at the bottom of the page. All forms to be filled out for permission or information, will be digital.

School newsletters can be found on the school website: You can also find the class blog on this website as well as our A­Z of information. However, feel free to ask further questions of any of us. You will find us all very approachable.

School Uniform:

All children are expected to be in full school winter uniform this term. They will be in winter uniform in terms two and three. The children have fitness and / or Physical Education daily and are expected to change into P.E gear for this. Please ensure that they have their PE gear every day. They may wear sports gear all day on Thursdays as per term one. They are not required to wear sunhats in terms two and three. The correct footwear is essential. This includes trainers for PE and winter shoes the rest of the time. They are not permitted to wear trainers all day. Your child is welcome to bring slippers to wear inside.

Drink bottles:

Please ensure that your child has water only in his / her drink bottle.


Back to school is a good time to check that your child has everything that he/she needs for the term.

The children are expected to use a pencil when doing maths. Please could you ensure that your child has a supply of named, sharpened pencils and a rubber to use at school. They are allowed to use pen (blue or black only for writing) for the times when they are not using their chromebooks. They may use red or green pen for editing. Please help your child to be prepared each day for school. It can be most unsettling for them if they don’t have what they need. Some children have run out of glue sticks and have lost their rulers as well.


The children are still expected to bring home reading material every day, Monday ­ Thursday. The reading material in most cases will have been worked on with your child’s teacher that day. Otherwise, your child will bring home a book that has been read with the teacher already or is slightly below your child’s instructional level. This is for reading mileage and fluency, both of which are still very important at this age. Please continue to expect your child to read for 30 minutes every day. It is no longer necessary for you to sign a reading log, but your child will be keeping a google doc record of his/her reading. Parents and teachers will be able to access this log. Everything that your child reads should be on this log, even if it is a book from home. Your child should note the pages or chapters read, on the log.

Other homework may include special assignments related to the work done at school or in some cases work to complete at home. If this is the case, you will be informed via email or the hub blog if it relates to everyone.

We have a ‘Friday” club for children who are not working to expectation at school. They will be supervised on a Friday lunch time to get their work completed. You will be emailed if this is the case on more than one occasion for your child.

1:1 Devices:

The use of Chromebooks is going very well in the hub. We are working hard on digital citizenship and the safe use of computers. We would appreciate your support of this at home. Please remind your child that his/her chromebook needs to be fully charged every day as we do not allow children to charge their device at school. We do not lend chromebooks to children who have forgotten their device.

Term Two Project Based Learning:

This term our school overarching theme is ‘Me in my school community’. The children will continue with our project based learning. This includes individual work, group and teacher facilitated workshops.

The projects include the driving questions: How does my culture fit into our school community?; How can I best contribute to my school community?; Why is caring for myself important, now and in the future?; How can we best design our new school hall for us and the community?

The RE focus this term is kindness and forgiveness, also, each Wednesday the hub will be unpacking the Gospel from the Sunday Mass.



Many thanks and welcome back!

Tumu Hub

Maire, Melissa, Ally, Kath and Jane.

Feel free to contact us at:,,,,

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