Thursday, 24 November 2016


Summer holidays!

The day had finally come,
When the school bell rung at last,
Until next year,
Quickly there’s no time to waste.

Christmas day is coming,
Lot’s of cards and pressies to make,
Everyone is hurrying,
No need to worry there’s still time to relax.

Water balloon fights are so much fun!
Splashing, running and cooling off,
Right under the bright hot sun,
And a hokey pokey ice cream would be lovely too.

Relaxing in the evening with a game of touch,
With a brand new ball,
Then a swim in the sea calling our dog Butch,
What a fun Summer!

By Beccy!

Seeing the dolphins was a really pretty sight,
And then I ate a delicious ice-cream,
When it got dark the dolphins were unseen,
And I had a sleepover with a friend who was thirteen.

By Methuli

The birds
Most birds are small
Birds fly high in the sky
Small and fluffy, cute and cuddly
tweet tweet!

By Oliver Ellenbroek

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