Sunday, 6 November 2016

Miss Dungey's Can Sail Trip Thursday 10th November

There are some key reminders for your trip on Thursday:

Firstly you must be at school by 8am this Thursday. This bus will be leaving just after 8am - so don't be late.


  • Wind-proof AND water-proof clothing
  • Warm hat (woollen or fleece)
  • Sun hat (with a string attached if it is loose-fitting. Hats lost overboard will not be retrieved.)
  • Sun block
  • Socks
  • Closed-toe shoes, eg: sports shoes, sneakers, lace-up school shoes. (For safety reasons, NO jandals or other open-toe sandals.)
  • Long hair must be tied back.
  • Plastic drink bottle (please NO fizzy drink.)
  • Morning tea snack (please NO sweets, yoghurt or chocolate)
  • Any medication required (Asthma Inhaler)

Safety Notes

Food: each child should have an on-board snack and drink. NO fizzy drinks, sweets, yoghurt or chocolate, please. This snack should be kept in the child’s bag which will be retrieved from below decks at Snack Time. (Snack Time is time- and weather-dependent, at the skipper’s discretion)

Cameras: Children will be busy sailing the ship and will not have time to take photographs. We will have one or two cameras which are operated by the adults in your party and share the photos taken.

Hair: all long hair MUST be tied back securely. This is for safety to avoid entanglement with ship equipment, such as pulleys and ropes.

Jewellery: All jewellery should be removed, other than that worn for cultural or religious reasons. In this event, necklaces must be secured beneath high-necked clothing; rings, ear rings must be taped over. This is for safety to avoid entanglement with ship equipment, such as pulleys and ropes.

Phones/Electronic Games etc: Children are not permitted to use mobile phones, electronic games or other electronic items on board. These must be stored in the child’s/staff’s bag which will remain below decks other than at Snack Time.

We disembark off the boat at 12pm and will bus back to school. We should be back by 12.30pm

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