Monday, 10 October 2016

Tumu Hub Learning Plan for Term 4

Tree, Trunk, Bark, Branches, ...Year 5 / 6 Tumu Hub

Welcome back to Term 4. The children have worked so hard this year and we can’t wait to get back into the learning for this term.

Our main focus this term is Health and PE. We will be having a large focus on Athletics and making healthy choices. As part of this Health Focus - the children will be learning all about Growth Mindset. We believe that this is such an important part of the learning process and will have a huge impact on the children’s learning and confidence. Tied in with this is understanding how our brain works best. We will encourage the children to take on challenges and learn how to push themselves with their learning.

Growth Mindset Video

Religious Education: The month of the October will seeing us focussing on the Rosary. We encourage the students to bring their own Rosary Beads from home. The children will be focussing their understanding of the Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. At the end of the term children will begin looking at Advent and Christmas.

Virtue: Tied in very closely with this is the understanding of virtues. We believe that the children need to understand and show these virtues in their own lives. This is an important part of being a Christian. This term we will be focussing on RESPECT. Respect for ourselves, others and others property.

Deep Learning Tasks: These are learning tasks that teach the children organisational and self management skills. There is choice for the children to complete tasks that interest them and provides a level of competition and a chance to express their creativity. These are an important part of engaging students in their learning. Last term the focus was The Olympics and we were so impressed with the effort by the students with this. In term four our focus will be Social Justice. These tasks promote the social responsibility we have as Catholics to care and support others.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Matthew 7:12

Mathematics: Students will be focusing on Fractions and Ratios at the start of the term. Towards the end of the term the children will be completing problem solving challenges related to Measurement.

Multiplication and Division assessment: Students will bring home their assessment this week that was completed at the end of last term. This is just a snapshot of where the children are at for this area but provides a great base for us to continue with our fractions work this term.

Reading: Students will continue small group work on their reading. The focus will be based around a variety of topics related to living a healthy life but also texts that support the key reading strategies that are important at this level.

Speech, Stage, Lecture ...Writing: The beginning of the term will see the children focusing on speech writing. This follows on well from the Persuasive Writing learning that the children completed at the end of last term. The students will be taught how to construct their speech but most importantly how to present this speech to a group in a confident and articulate manner. The development of oral language skills and the ability to be able to communicate their own ideas is such a valuable skill. The second half of term we will provide the students with choice about how they can represent their writing. We are sure the children will enjoy this.

Punctuation: Students will focus on self editing their own work for the basic surface features that Year 5 / 6 students should know. E.g Full Stops, capital letters, commas and no run on sentences. These are sentences that keep going and don’t contain any punctuation. Advanced punctuation will be taught; this is parentheses, dashes, ellipses.

Spelling: Will continue to be completed at school but also will be completed at home. The rules will be taught at school and the words sent home to be learnt on a Monday, ready for their test on Friday. Please check the blog weekly for an explanation of the rules. The children also need to complete sentences to support this work.

Te Reo: Our Te Reo learning will be focussed around our Health and PE focus.

Touch typing: We continue to encourage you to build on skills from last term related to Touch typing for beginners.

Fitness and Sport. Our major sport focus at the start of the term will be Athletics. Students will have set PE times during the week to develop these skills. Our School Athletics will take place on Monday 31st October.

Homework: Homework will continue as last term, weekly spelling, and 20-30 minutes of reading a night. It is so important that children spend time reading at home. Students will be encouraged to continue to use Study Ladder. This is an online programme that has supporting tasks that students can complete at home. This is a valuable learning tool and something that students can actively engage in at home to further develop their numeracy/literacy skills.

Hat, Sunhat, Wide Brim Hat, ...Students can be in either summer or winter uniform until Labour Weekend. After Labour Weekend all students must be in their Summer Uniform. From the start of Term 4 all students need to have their sunhats at school. This is not optional. All students must wear their hats at break/lunch and sport times.
Open ...

School Photos:
School Photos take place on Monday 17th October. All students must be in winter uniform for these to allow for consistency across the photos. These will be the first school photos for St Francis School - so bring your best smile!


  • Rutherford’s Den visiting us at school on Wednesday 12th October. The children will be learning about NZ leaders and how they were role models for others.
  • CanSail Trips for each homebase. Thanks for returning the permission slips at the end of last term. Another letter will follow at the end of this week with more information.

Many thanks
Sarah, Charlotte, Melissa, Carly, Ally

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