Sunday, 7 August 2016

Week 3 - Spelling

Our focus continues to be on blends. This week our blend focus is Ch, Cl and Cr.

We will brainstorm lists of words with students on Monday and get the children to continue creating individual lists. Students must have these checked with an educator. If you get a notebook at home that does not have educator initials your son or daughter may not be learning correct words.

To ensure students understand what their spelling words mean we have asked them to use all of their list words in a sentence/ sentences. This task is due by Friday each week.

It continues to be the student responsibility if they are away from school on a Monday to locate one of the two model notebooks and write in words upon return.

Ch Sounds
Cl Sounds
Cr Sounds
Chief, child, chili, chime, chimp, chin, China, chip, chisel, chocolate, choice, choose, chop,chore, chose, church
Clown, clamp, cloud, clever, clothes, clear, clean, clinic, class, clutter, clap, climate, clothes, cluster, clinical, climax, cloister, clover, client, clock, clay, clip
Criminal, criticism, crater, crocodile, creature, creative, crevasse, credit, crime, crab, cry, crust, crush, crane, crazy, crazy, cricket, cross, crust
Discharge, clinch, cliche, architectural, anchor
Acclaim, acclimatise, bicycle, chronicle, inclusion, inclusive, microclimate
Acrobat, acronym, acrostic, discrete, screw, scribble, scrub
Attach, bench, beach, batch, brunch, enrich, flinch, twitch

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