Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Wearable Arts show and Congratulations!

We had a fantastic time on Monday afternoon sharing our Wearable Arts costumes and visual art pieces. The children have all put in a huge amount of effort to create their master pieces and were all very excited to share these with you! Thank you to all the parents who managed to come along and support the children during their show!

Congratulations to the following students whose costumes have been selected for the Cultural Festival at the end of this month.


Beth, Jorja, Claudia S and Lily- Air New Zealand Aeroplane

Taylor Fahey, Oliver Ellenbroek, Sam Tippen- Sky Tower

Hariette Fraser, Petra Lewis, Lilla Harnett- Pascal Lollies

Beccy Lilburne, Charlotte Hall, Joanna Flanagan- Kiwi Outfit

Grace Wakefield, Alex Wathne- Goodnight Kiwi

Olivia Chambers, Freya Perret, Claudia Wilson- L&P Can

Multicultural Madness:

Connor Grey, Tyrell Morgan, Struan Gordon- Maori, English, Scottish Mix

Grace Van den Heever, Ruby Merrylees, Lucy Munro- Your Majesty

Micaela Francis, Anna Colvin, Methuli Ranasinghe- Sphinx

Charlotte Lyons, Amber Garrick, Liana Borkus, Bella Dilion- Irish Leprechaun 

Anabelle Brown , Samantha Shaw, Alexis Elliot- Cherry Blossom Tree

Check out these photos below of Monday's show









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