Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Thursday Sport

This Thursday is our last day for Thursday Sport. Students will need to remember their gear and be ready to go! Some teams are playing off for finals places. Good luck to all!

Field/ Court
Netball 1
Selwyn House Purple
Court 27
Netball 2
St Peters A
Court 23
Netball 3
OLA Green
Court 24
Rugby 1
OLA Green
South Hagley 8A
Rugby 2
St Martins
South Hagley 6B
Football 1
Shirley B
Carlton Corner 9
Football 2
Rudolf Steiner C5
Carlton Corner 6
Hockey 1
Redcliffs A
North Hagley 4B
Hockey 2
St Martins Strikers
North Hagley 4A

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