Friday, 17 June 2016

Spelling for Week 8

 Our focus until the end of term is on the long vowel sounds. Just a reminder that we work with students on the spelling patterns on a Monday, students create lists themselves and these are to be checked with an educator. 
If you get a notebook at home that does not have educator initials your son or daughter may not be learning correct words. It is the student responsibility if they are away from school on a Monday to locate one of the two model notebooks and write in words upon return.

Focus for Week 8 is: Long e
Long vowels make the sound of the letter they are expressing.

Spelling Pattern
even, eat, eager, eel, easement
E, ea, ee, ea_e
fever, needle , seat, seize, field, completely, piano
E, ee, ea, ei, ie, e_e, i
be, bee, sea, kiwi, these, baby, money, please, sneeze
E, ee, ea, y, ey, i, e_e, ea_e, ee_e

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